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Mountain Lakes, Apple Strudel and Disney's Magical Frozen

Trip: Salzkammergut – Walking
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Price from: € 900
Difficulty:  Moderate
Walking Distance: 136 kilometres
Availability: April – October

The Salzkammergut in Austria is the utmost family holiday destination. It is a walking paradise in the middle of magnificent mountains and brilliantly blue lakes for big and little hikers. While walking along the scenic paths, your family will meet lots of animal companions such as cows, horses and sheep. There is so much to see and explore for the whole family.

Along the Salzkammergut trail you will experience the famous Attersee, the Totes Gebirge, the Dachstein glacier and famous, picturesque Austrian villages such as Hallstatt and Bad Ischl. Make sure to stop for delicious apple strudel or the unique, famous Kaiserschmarrn – we promise you, your kids will love it. Plenty of activities along the way will ensure you will create the best memories of bonding with your family.

The entire Salzkammergut resort region offers a good deal of amazing things to do. From a toboggan run, the astonishing Dachstein caves, minigolf, bowling to the beautiful, fun, but also relaxing bathing lakes such as the Attersee, Mondsee or St. Wolfgangsee. You will find something for everyone – guaranteed! 

Fun fact: The village Hallstatt, which you will cross on this route, was actually said to be the inspiration for Disney’s Frozen. So here’s another reason to visit the gorgeous Salzkammergut.

Trip: Dachstein – Walking
Duration: 12 days, 11 nights
Price from: € 1090
Difficulty:  Moderate
Walking Distance: 112 kilometres
Availability: July – October

“World heritage region”: the mighty Dachstein – 2995 meters high – has been decorated with this award in 1997. The impressive mountain landscape along with Hallstatt and the region Dachstein Salzkammergut was named world heritage region by UNESCO.

Amazingly diverse – just like the endless views of the panoramic Alps – there are plenty of opportunities for enjoying leisure and freedom here on the Zwieselalm in Gosau. There is something for everyone here – with long walks or climbing tours or casual strolls. Even if you just want to spend a few hours escaping from everyday life, soaking up the sun in the meadows and enjoying a hearty local snack: you are sure to find everything your heart desires in the Gosau–Zwieselalm walking region.

Rugged, rocky landscapes, green alpine pastures, bizarre, jagged crags, towers and mighty cliff faces, glacial ice, limestone peaks, isolated high plateaus, virgin forests and scenic mountaintops, mysterious karst springs and reflecting tarns – these images characterize our eight-day hike on and around the Dachstein. The fascination of the Dachstein becomes tangible. We tackle our circumnavigation of the Dachstein in a counter-clockwise direction, since the natural landmarks and the elevation changes blend more harmoniously into the route.

Rocky Landscapes, Panoramic Alps and Mountain Cheese

  • The Wolfgangsee Boat Trip
  • The Dachstein Salt Mine
  • The Animal Village
  • Canoe on the Austrian Lakes
  • The Mozart Museum

Local Foods Your Family Will Love

1. Apple Strudel

The word “strudle” means whirlpool or eddy in German. Made with Apple, raisins, honey, and cinnamon. This dessert is served with vanilla sauce or ice cream. Originally this dessert comes from the Austro – Hungarian Empire. 

2. Kaiserschmarrn

A sweet fluffy pancakes made with raisins cooked in rum. Austrian used to cut the bater in small pieces and after fried them before putting ice sugar on the top. You can traduce the word by Emperor’s Mess. Kaiserschmarrn is the perfect warm dessert  for the whole family after a tough journey.

3. Kasnocken

A simple recipe, spaetzle (noodle), cheese and onions. A creamy and cheesy mixed served in a cast-iron pan. The only thing that makes this meal so special is the way that it’s cooked and the time that it took. Everything is a question of ingredients balance and melting. The perfect meal for kids and for the adult (with a fabulous glass of red wine)

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