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Italian Centuries-old Seaside Villages

Trip: Cinque Terre- Walking
Duration: 7 days, 6 nights
Price from: € 300
Difficulty:  Moderate
Walking Distance: – kilometres
Availability: All year

Cinque Terre is quite possibly the most beautiful coastal walk in Europe, on the most magnificent part of the Italian Riviera.

The Cinque Terre are five coastal, medieval villages in the province of La Spezia: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. The coastline, the villages, and the surrounding hillsides are all part of a national park of the same name. The Cinque Terre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Walking through the National Park, you will discover the coastline as well as the backcountry: villages that cling to the cliffs, tiny sandy beaches, and sandy coves as well as terraced fields and extensive woodlands. Given its location on the Mediterranean, only the freshest fish and seafood are good enough for the local cuisine. The anchovies of Monterosso are a local specialty, while the extensive terraced olive groves provide oil for some of the best pesto in Italy. As this trip is center-based, you will be able to stay in the heart of the National park and explore the area as you wish.

Trip: Tuscany- Walking
Duration: 6 days, 5 nights
Price from: € 695
Difficulty:  Moderate
Walking Distance: 62 kilometres
Availability: All year

Situated on the west side of Italy on the Mediterranean coast, Tuscany is simply steeped in natural beauty, history, and culture. Chains of slender cypress trees rise and fall amongst the green-brown contours of the Tuscan hills. Here you will discover peace and calm. The evenings inherit the beauty of the days just spent and you will soon come to appreciate why this place has seduced writers like Robert Browning and E.M. Forster.

During 6 days you will experience the real heart of Tuscany in this truly unique trip, partly following the famous “Via Francigena”, an ancient pilgrim route from Canterbury to Rome. 

We decided to grade this trip as Moderate as there are no technical difficulties along the way. Hotels and guest houses have been carefully selected for their comfort, location, friendliness, and character, but also for the quality of their food. We make your trip as comfortable as possible by transferring your luggage from hotel to hotel. During your walk, you’ll only carry a light day pack.

So, relax and enjoy your time in Tuscany!

Olives, Sunsets & Hills in Italy's Heart

Italian Villages, Grottos & Sunshine

Trip: Amalfi Coast – Walking
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Price from: € 816
Difficulty:  Moderate
Walking Distance: 59 kilometres
Availability: March – October

The Amalfi Coast is probably the most beautiful, picturesque coastline Italy has to offer. Its location protected by the Sorrento mountains gives the Amalfi a wonderful climate throughout the year, making it the ideal family walking holiday destination.

Grottos and caves along the coast make the tour extra adventurous and interesting for young and old. At the same time, the astonishing ocean views give the whole family a solid break to rejuvenate and relax.

This walking holiday takes you and your loved ones through the most traditional Italian villages with local stores, restaurants and historic little churches. The Amalfi coast is genuinely made for everyone who wants to enjoy the active part of the Dolce Vita.

Italy’s best place for activities

  • Beaches 
  • Amalfi lemon experience: cooking classes 
  • Canoe 
  • Museo della Carta
  • Emerald grotto

Local Foods Your Family Will Love

1. Limoncello

The traditional Italian liquor is made by soaking lemon zest in neutral grain alcohol, the process is similar to the vodka ones. After one month you will have a limoncello with a strong flavor of lemon. This sweet liquor often drinks after dinner or well-chilled. This liquor is also used in cocktails or in some dishes. The taste of lemon will raise your dishes.

2. Gelato

The world-known Italian dessert, made with whole milk, eggs, sugar, fruits or chocolate or anything else, is the perfect treat for children. This dessert contains 70% less air than the other frozen dessert that why its density and taste is so different. If you want to be on the Italian spirit look for some gelato artiginale. We promise you you never ate anything like that!

3. Pasta Alla Carbonara

Yes we know, everybody has already eaten a carbonara pasta… But do you really know how to do a traditional Italian pasta alla carbonara?  The Italian way to do it is not as far as we usually do it but with them, the taste is just incredible! An Al Dente pasta, a creamy sauce and the fabulous taste of the Parmigiano.

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