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Camino Portuguese Coastal Walk with Kids

Trip: Oiã to Santiago (Camino Portuguese)
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Price from: € 699
Difficulty:  Easy
Walking Distance: 144 kilometres
Availability: April – October
Following the coast around to the Vigo estuary on this section you will get the opportunity to stay in the beautiful coastal cities of Baiona and Vigo before re-joining the traditional Camino Portuguese from Redondela to Santiago de Compostela.
With a mixture of beaches, forests and towns there will be much to distract your kids from the walking! If you would like to spend a few extra days in Santiago after this trip ask us about our Apartment option

Play with your kids on the beautiful beaches, making the tallest sandcastle ever! Dive into the sea and spot all the interesting fish and sea creatures. Find rock pools full of interesting crabs and seaweeds.

During your trip, your kids can climb trees and look for animal footprint like Tarzan, king of the Jungle. Make a stop in Naturnova! This museum is well-known for its approach to the environment.

Once you arrive in Santiago, you need to try the tarta de Santiago – an almond cake whose origins date back to the Middle Ages. The dessert is well-known for the imprint of the Cross of Saint James that is sugared on the top. You can also taste the leche frita, a typical sweet from the North of Spain. And, of course, there is always plenty of ice cream.

Trip: Alentejo – Walking
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Price from: € 1056
Difficulty:  Easy
Walking Distance: 73 kilometres
Availability: All year

Walk through impressive landscapes teeming with wildlife and beautiful flora to find Portugal’s rich history and traditions.

From the ancient mystical monuments to the vibrant well-preserved city centers, the Step by Step Walking Tour of Alentejo is a magical voyage from the stone age to modern times. This magnificent area has to be seen to be believed, so come and experience it first hand.

Alentejo is known for its calm and serene way of life. Come, relax, and set your pace to ours. Disconnect from the rest of the world, and enjoy the long, sunny hours and our easy-going attitude.

What are you waiting for? Experience glimpses of Stone Age through tothe Roman and Moorish era, conquer castles by foot and feel like you’ve been transported back in time and delve into the Évora historical center, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

A Magical Voyage from the Stone Age to Modern Times

Natural Caves, Cliffs and the Wild Coast

Trip: Algarve – Cycling
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Price from:  € 1590
Difficulty:  Moderate
Cycling Distance: 227 kilometres
Availability: All year round

Located in the south of Portugal, the Algarve beaches are well known for being hidden by natural caves. You want to be in another place where you can forget about all your worries? 

There you go, surf lessons, horseback riding, aquaparks and more are here to make you forget about everything and reconnect with the most important things in your life! Sharing those moments with your loved ones makes this trip so unforgettable. 

The Algarve coast is also the wildest trip that you can cycle, passing through high cliffs and valleys is the best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery. You will pass typical Portuguese villages and where you can experience the best way to taste the gastronomy such as sea food and wine. The Syrah wine is the famous all over the world, let’s try it!  

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Local Foods Your Family Will Love

1. Pastel de nata

A crispy pastry and egg custard. That’s the basis of this pastry. The secret is the temperature of the oven, originally goes for an 800F. This pastry allied the sweetness of the custard and the hardness of the pastry. The Pastel de Nata is very popular in Portugal, the dough is made with a lot of butter which explains the crispy way. Then the dough is formed as a little pie and you put the custard preparation in the center. Served it warm, with a cup of coffee.

2. Arroz de Marisco

If you’re a seafood lover, Portugal is the place to be! This dish is a huge casserole dish full of vegetables, prawns, clams, mussels, squid and of course rice. Let all of that be over-cooked, on the Portuguese way. It’s very popular and very smelly. White wine is strongly recommended for it. This dish has a summer taste no matter the season.

3. Caldo Verde

The most popular of Portuguese soup! This soup is very green in appearance and made with a dark green cabbage. The flavor of this soup is due to the potatoes puree, slice of chorizo sausage and the famous Portuguese olive oil. If the soup is very simple to make it’s very warmful after a hiking day.

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